FICTION: A Romantic Flick


If this were some cheesy romantic flick, where they are now is a love story material. Too bad they live in a real world. But, it doesn’t mean that she’s not happy.

He with his works, their clicking rhythms, their talking, her silly behaviors he witnesses and everything passed every day between she, he and the cats they’re trying to kill. Each of those, she cherish with joy. You know, most of the time people forget to embrace jolly little things and tend to focus on bigger goal. They might not realize that a bouquet of beautiful roses, once just a tiny seed.

She might not count every minute they spend together, she’s no good at math, she simply just want to enjoy it. If people asked what it is, she giggles. It must be fun to define, but instead of doing that to answer them, she’ll just show her blushing face. Yes. she refuse to wonder if this is love or not. Yeah, it’s better to not talk about love at a time like this. She’s just starting to enjoy her life.

After all, what do words mean if we can make a better realization?

A friend friend of her wrote, love requires actions. She believes it’s true. But you know she has this bad habit of never take the first move. She thinks maybe she just hasn’t found the right person yet. But with him? She’ll consider. Maybe the answer still be ‘No’.

There’s something in him that tickles her. She doesn’t want to fall. She’s just so happy she doesn’t want to ask more.

photo taken around 2010

at Trans Jakarta Shelter, Matraman


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