Taman Safari: the Zoo Experience


Relax, like a hippo!


Last March I went to the Zoo with daddy and sister. Going there as an adult gave you a very different perspective in seeing those animals. When I was a child I’d go run back and forth happily then just stare in awe at them. Now, I’m going with sympathy. They’re seemed not happy living in small area (mostly the cats), thin and poorly maintained. It’s a zoo in animal park model so you have to be in your car ride around watching them live their life. it’s weekend and there were so many cars which I’m sure bring pollution to the inhabitants and not enough trees to protect them from sun light and smoke from the cars. It’s just like circus covered in the name of preservation.

Or maybe I’m just too serious. Still, daddy, sister and I had a lot of fun. It’s been a long time we’re not have a trip together.