Currently #2

WORKING ON: Stay positive. I guess the hardest part of being 20-something is seeing the positive side on every bad thing happened to you. Life is hard after graduate college. The fact that now we have to be responsible for ourselves and realize that parents growing old are so scared we always want to run. But there’s no place to hide, right? Worrying too much about future only pressured me then affects my health condition and I seriously have no budget for hospital. Lol. Moreover, I always believe that the basic cycle of nature is bad-good-bad-good-bad-good-etc. Be strong!

THINKING ABOUT: How to synchronize what I want and what my parents want. I know that all my parents want for me is to see me have a good life. As long as they can, they will always want to provide me with comforts. I love them for that. But all the easiness they want to give is not what I want. The job they offer me and their vision is not something I want to do, at least now. Not because I’m such an ungrateful child but I believe that the only work I should do is something creative, something that gives me fulfillment. I hope they eventually understand.

READING: Presiden Guyonan – Butet Kertaradjasa. This is the first time I read his writing. Butet is one of legendary comedians in Indonesia. Reading his writing, so far, I feel like seeing him live, so witty.

LISTENING TO: Sara Bareilles – The Blessed unrest and Frau – Happy Coda. Geniuses, ’nuff said.

EATING: Recently I checked my blood pressure and it’s 90/60 . I feel like eating everything right now.

THANKFUL FOR: Every little thing that gives me smile on a daily basis. Apparently when you start being positive and grateful, there is plenty of it, so thank God.

PLANNING TO: Finish my individual project and setting up new blog for my fiction writing. You know I write it in here just to challenge myself to be serious.

ROMANCE: Lately, I’ve been receiving A LOT of romantic advice from my friends which giving me broader view about what I need from a partner. While September marked the rainy season in here, it’s the start of autumn in America; the season of new beginning for Tom Hansen.