East Japan Earthquake Press Photo Exhibition

Yesterday i saw this photo exhibition at Plaza Senayan. It is held from 10-18 March 2012. You can see how Japanese people survive from tsunami last year.


Didn’t take much pictures but this one broke my heart the most. Too bad it’s not in a good quality. Made by a son as a sign to find his father. It says, he’ll never leave his father alone.


A Wishing Tree. As i didn’t know what to write, my card written “be happy :)”, but i thought about this song:

Life is just a bowl of cherries, sometimes it’s afraid filled with worries. Don’t be afraid, when things go wrong, just be strong! When thing seems up in the air and everything is so unfair, and you stumble and fall. Just pick yourself up and sing! If one day you lose your way, just remember one thing, my friend. When you’re under a cloud just visit music and sing! If one day you lose your way, just remember that i’m here to stay. Don’t you give up, keep your chin up,and be happy! – Happy, Mocca.