New window to our mind

There’s an old saying said that eyes are the window to people’s heart. In 2007 Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girls said, cell phone is the window to people’s mind. Both maybe right, or at least they were. For me, today it’s social media.

We are 21st century generation living both in reality routine and so-called-reality life on the Internet. Almost half of our day wasted in front of our pc surfing and use the Internet through our smart phone. Since the era of Friendster, Hi5, Facebook, Twitter, Path and God knows whatever more to come, we start and now use to write to express our emotion or everything that we cannot say directly in real life.

We also make social media as our diary, tool to speak up our feelings and communicate with others. Until at some point, I see it is easier for some people (and me) to say everything in their social media account rather than making real life actions and face their problems.

I don’t know why.

Maybe it’s easier that talking to the wall rather than having real communications. Maybe it’s more comfortable to have our opinion being criticized from far rather than receiving directly.

I’m not sure.

But I’m sure subconsciously it has changed us into less social animal. Or maybe we’re honestly just cowards at heart. (?)


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