WORKING ON: Getting myself up in the morning and do some exercise. Yes. I really need to work on that.

THINKING ABOUT: I know mostly we disappointed by the expectation we put on others, but sometimes it’s really hard not to put an expectation into anything. You know society has this structure that make first born or the son in a family a breadwinner once their parents retired and it’s hard for me to accept that mine can’t. I don’t ask them to be a breadwinner; I just want them to carry the responsibility life gives them. Somehow it’s ironically funny to be the last born and accomplished things first and still can make the first born do better. I love my siblings exceptionally, but the way they do life kind of make me sad and worried. There, I think I just need to say it.

READING: I’m halfway to finish The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It’s such a great book. Also, since I start working, I have to leave in the morning and back home at night, ergo I only have little time to read daily newspaper but I’m trying though.

LISTENING TO: Ke$ha, or as my friend said, Kedolarha. LOL. Her new song makes me dance in the morning. LOL.

EATING: Recently doctor told me that my body lack of fruits and veggies. So from that moment I try to eat healthy food everyday and give my body the nutrients she needs. It’s not that I stop eat junk food or anything, I just add more fruit/veggies everyday in what I eat. I think you should too.

THANKFUL FOR: What I have now. Last year I graduate and now I work as a copywriter for a design company. The job I have is something outside my expectation, but it makes me realize, maybe sometimes we have to do things that we never plan. Copywriting is a new challenge to me because it really different from what I do in college, plus I get to learn so many things in advertising industry. What I have to thankful the most is I meet a lot of new amazing people. I’m glad to say that I’m happy with my life.

PLANNING TO: Travel solo. Yes! Last year I plan to go on some trips with my friends but I can only make one trip. So this year I think I’m going to do it solo. I don’t know why I am now so reluctant to asked and persuade my friends to accompany me. And maybe I need to go with myself, meet new people and do new things. Get lost and find myself.

ROMANCE: Have no particular plan with this one. I just go on with whatever happen, I guess. A dear friend once said, what I really need is a person that try from the very beginning and not give up. Agree. There I write it.


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