A Short Trip: Wonosari – Jogja.

No one needs a holiday better than a fed up fresh graduate. Lol.

That’s why couple weeks ago my friends and I escaped the city and went backpacking. Eight of us, 3 days, moneyless, no itinerary and a strong will to have fun.

Wednesday evening 5/09/2012, we went from St. Senen, Jakarta with economy class train for only IDK 35.000. At first I was a little worried for this train because people said it will be really crowded, dirty and else. In fact, yes, it’s crowded with food sellers, no air conditioner and quite hot when the train stop but it’s also pretty clean and comfortable. I don’t know maybe that’s why you should go travel with your friend, so you have people around you to keep the good vibe.
At 7 in the morning we arrived at St. Lempuyangan, Jogjakarta. We were wondering around like a half hour planned to buy our return tickets since we hadn’t got it yet. Finally we got it and it was actually a disappointment, it’s so expensive for an AC economy class, named Bogowonto, and our budget (IDR160.000). Well, the trip must go on, right? After that we walked to Malioboro and had our breakfast. It’s a street food vendor with cheap foods.

Had enough breakfast we continued our journey with Transjogja to Giwangan bus station where we can find a Kopata to Wonosari. Wonosari is 40 km from Jogja and if you want to go to beaches around Mt. Kidul, you have to take public transportation for there. My friends and I chose to go to Baron beach first. So, we took bus from Wonosari to Baron. The thing is, you will rarely find public transportation, there might be one every one and two hours. Not like Giwangan, Wonosari has no bus station, the bus will only stop at the crossroad where you should wait for the next bus. A friend of mine in Jogja said that it’s best to rent a car, but well, we have no budget for that and trust me, choose public transportation help a lot to save. Luckily, the time we arrived there’s the bus waiting.
It needed one hour to reach Baron. But worry not, you’re gonna enjoy the view there. No skyscrapers, pollution, though it’s still dry season here and trees and paddy field are sere, they still made a perfect combination with the blue sky.
Arrived at Baron, we chose to stay at a small hotel which only cost IDR 100.000/room consist of 4 people. Cheap, eh? Plus the hotel was the nearest one to the beach. Too bad I forget its name.
If I should describe Baron beach, it’s gonna be creepily beautiful. The beach is surrounded by hill and there’s a basin on the right with big corals with calm water. The waves so high could eat you up. When the day got dark, the hill and wave left you a feeling like there’s something mysterious there.

Tomorrow morning, we left Baron for Sundak and Krakal, only 7km from Baron. Yeah, beaches too. I love beach. I miss them. We rent a bus, made a deal with the driver to take us there and back to Wonosari. Sundak and Krakal are pretty much alike. There’s coral overlay covered with weed after the sands before the sea. Breathtakingly beautiful. You can see little fish, crabs and snails. Just watch out for the sea urchin, also the sands between corals sucked your feet. And although the sun hit us, we could felt the breeze wind. Oh, I love Sundak.
Good thing about those beaches are you can find solitude. Unlike beaches in Bali which filled with naked tourists. When it’s time to go, I left piece of my heart there. Hoping someday I can explore all the beaches around Mt. Kidul.

After that we headed back to Jogja. One thing that captivated me in our way was the limestone hills. I’ve been curious with limestone hill since I read Bilangan Fu, a book written by Ayu Utami. It stands there surrounded by modern civilization silently pulling out its ancient aura.

When we reached Jogja, we stayed in an inn at Sosrowijayan st. close to St. Tugu and the place for so many cheap hotels and inns. You can say Jogja is a big city but it’s totally different with Jakarta. The culture’s bonded with the life of its neighborhood and community. I always feel like coming home. Especially you can’t find traffic jam there. When we arrived it’s already noon and we decided to just fooling around Malioboro, enjoyed street singers, merchants and Wedang Ronde. If you wonder what’s Wedang Ronde, it’s a hot ginger consist of nuts, jelly and Ronde, a food made of rice flours, brown sugar and filled with nut inside. Warm and fresh! We had our dinner in Angkringan and had a street singer to sing with us. Oh! Jogja street singer also different with Jakarta, they’re creative and got a good voice, some of them just play traditional instrument which was great! Then at midnight we went to Alun-alun, a big field where people gather. I and the girls tried to pass two giant trees there. Myth has it if you succeed to pass them means you have a pure heart. Even though we don’t really believe any kind of myth, it was fun. And at that night, no one succeed. Lol!

The next day we went temple hooping to Prambanan and Ratu Boko. According to local legend, Prambanan was a temple built for a woman name Rara Jongrang as a requisition for Bandung Bondowoso, a strong prince at that time, to marry here. Prambanan in the pas time consist of 1000 temple. No kidding. Now, we still can see the main temple where sculptures of gods placed. Ah! Don’t forget to take a look deeper at the carving in its wall; there’s story you can enjoy there. Also, pay attention to the design of the temple, bigger and smaller one. Meanwhile, Ratu Boko was Bandung’s kingdom. It’s a spacious place and perfect spot for a kingdom. It’s built high in the hills and when you look down you can literally see everything. Though what’s left from Ratu Boko mostly debris and just a few parts that’s still have its structure, it’s still amazing. I walked round the complex consist of Main Gate, Candi Batu Putih, Candi Pembakaran, Paseban, Pendopo, Miniature Temples, Kaputren and Bathing Place and Ascetic Cave –yes, the place is that wide- thought about people who lived there centuries ago, hating the fact that I live in this era.

Spent a half day for temples and went back to inn at noon. After that we just wondered around Malioboro searched some good to buy. At night, me and the girls, again, were hang out, sat in front of BNI 46 watched Jogja’s Sunday night going.

Next morning, we went home.
Thank to K, L, C, T, A, AK, and GT for this holiday! I had a great time! ❤

p.s: if you really like beaches, you should explore beaches around Mt. Kidul.

Detail expenses:
Transjogja IDR 3.000
Kopata Jogja – Wonosari (vice versa) IDR .6000
Wonosari – Baron IDR 10.000
Rent a Kopata Baron – Sundak – Wonosari IDR 150.000
Prambanan + Ratu Boko IDR 45.000


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