Life starts here (?)

July 25, 2012.

I finished my 4 years academic study in English Literature.

I could blab all day about how happy I am and how proud I am of myself. Yeah. I’m that narcissistic. But sound in my head told me that this is not just about happiness. Start from that day, a door to a new phase of life waits to be open.

I used to thought about adult life as something far away, not ever gonna be mine. In fact, we’re not young forever.

I always know what I want, who I am and what I need. But I live with people, people I love and responsibilities related to them. I want to be happy and I want them to be happy too. Oh, as if life is simply about work hard, play hard and pleased only myself.

Well. *sigh*

Maybe I just engage in too many conversations about adult life. Maybe I just over think everything. Maybe all I need is learn how to fly. High. I’m just 22 for God’s sake.


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