It must hide somewhere

They said it’s important to study sign as it’ll help you to see things better, or give you clue to anything happen next, or find anything you want to find. Maybe that’s why they created Semiotics.

I’d say, we live in a world full of signs. Some are easy to read, while some are hard, like the traffic light and your body alarm when you’re about to sick. Somehow the existence of signs only lead you to confusion, maybe because you’re too reluctant to figure out, or you’re kind of a slow reader, or maybe you just simply don’t realize. If you’re smart, you’ll know, follow it and figure it out. But when you’re not lucky, the time you’re aware of the sign, you’re just too late.

So, what are you going to do? After all, life’s about making choices and taking chances, right?

Here I help you with the options:

  1. You sit back, relax and wait for the sign to reveal itself.
  2. Take the risk, be silly and find out.
  3. Be wise. Learn your lesson from the past and then decide what to do.
  4. Think again. There’s always a possibility that you see wrong.
  5. Move on.
  6. Never take these options at all.

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