Cerita Cinta Enrico (Enrico’s Love Story) – Ayu Utami


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The book tells about Enrico’s life since he was born until his marriage about fifty years later. Mostly speaks on his relationship with his mother, how it affects his life. Describes a son point of view in seeking Mom’s love and attention, how complicated his world as he grew up from being a boy to become a man. Since I am a girl, I’ll never know how it feels to grow up as a boy but I think this was written pretty much far from cliché.

Ayu always wrote her writings as the reflection of what happened in the real world, focus on Indonesia’s historical background and social issues. Through Enrico, who was born from a military Dad and modern Mom and he was pushed to involve in one of Indonesia’s historical event since the very first day he opened his eyes, we learn to see that our nation’s history as the inseparable part of our life and influences the steps we take in life. Most interesting issues in this book for me: Ayu’s point of view about sin, marriage and the equality between women and men in the marital institution.

I am a big fan of her thoughts, bought this book precisely on Feb 7 and only take two days to finish it. Proud. Beside the story, I love the cover as well, so bright, bold and fun. 4/5


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