Since yesterday was my birth day, I think it’s alright to write a quite wise post (well, if you want say so). Not that both have a relation.


Recently I found one word that pretty much makes my life easier, it’s “Acceptance”. You can look up on the dictionary for its accurate meaning. If you ask me, I would say, acceptance means on some point of your life you must know and realize that many things are beyond your control, you can’t always capable of dealing with a situation that grow out to be what you don’t want but you don’t regret, you’re not looking back. It’s hard at first, of course you’re gonna be upset or sad or feel those kind of feelings, but you learn to agree with what happened, then find a joy out of it.

Speak now

Life’s full of surprises.

By writing this doesn’t mean that I’m a pro because every day I’m learning. I hope you all too and be happy. x


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