It’s (not) Going to End

I thought four years were a really long time that it’ll feel like never end but now, in just six months away I’m going to leave college life and my college mates. How fast time flies and present time will be just a memory.

Soon I’ll be graduated from college, gonna leave my college life and mates. Oh, I really hate the fact that there is ‘good bye’ in every ‘hello’. I don’t want say good bye to them. Those are a kind of people that I want to know sooner and always be with. There were never a group of people fits me that well. We’ve through ups and downs of college life together. All the tasks, lecturers, and how desperate a language can make human feels.

Again, soon we’re going to leave this phase. We’re not in the same O building talking to each other directly anymore. I know we can still have as many meet ups as possible but it will never be the same, right?

The world is cold and I always afraid of growing old/up. No matter how many times I assure myself that everything is gonna be fine, I still afraid. But thing that comforts me is knowing that I’ll always have my family and friends beside me.

Someday in the future there will be all of us in different geographical areas and times, there will be us around the world. In that time, I hope we all can still remember that we had these great four years of our life and still have each other until then.

All the luck in the world for our thesis and I miss you guys already. x


3 thoughts on “It’s (not) Going to End

  1. There will be all of us in different geographical areas and times >> Yep. Kita meet up nya nanti di London Bridge ya Thon! Kalo kamu lupa aku yang mana, aku wanita cantik yang pake parka warna khaki dan menggandeng lengan Rupert. 🙂

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